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Two high school girls, Arma and Olwin, decide to play with the arts of black magic. During one of their moments in trying to contact Olwin's dead grandfather, they summon a demon named Savali. After 12 years more demons had been unleashed into the human world. Savali is considered their leader, but one decides to stray away. This young demon, Spencer, will try his hardest to bring this rule down. Can he do it? (yes this whole summary is made of fail. I'm quiet aware of that.)

News, Updates, Paper From Hell, Whatever you want to call this.

Well it turns out that there are going to be angels in the second one. Yep Phantasmagoria II. Just a small update on what's going on in my head.


So me and my friend, Kristin, have been discussing a sequel. Yep...Just felt like letting you know.

Whose the main character you ask? Shit I don't know. We only planned on bringing back Arma and Savali because of how much they're favored (...okay I ALONE like Arma. Everyone else that has seen this, is in love with Savali unfortunatly.)

So if you see some weird/funky/awkward looking organization on the top or in categories, it's because I'm making room for it.

If it's made, it'll probably deal with angels.

There is still a possibility that I might add them in the first story.


I started making this comic around March 27 2011. Yes it hasn't been around long, so some of the characters are still being rounded out and made less flat.



When I'm not coloring or drawing these guys of coarse.